Podcast Series (1): Climate Change and Empowering Youth Leadership for Asian civilization

Welcome to the podcast series “Asian Civilization and Its Preservation,” a collaborative program between the University of Indonesia, the Asian Universities Alliance, and the University of Malaya. In this series, we will be discussing two very important aspects today: Climate Change and Empowering Youth Leadership for Asian civilization. Global warming has become an issue that demands serious attention from around the world. However, in our efforts to understand its impacts, we often focus on scientific data and statistics. But have you ever thought that climate change also affects the identity, values, and way of life of communities across the globe? That’s why we will explore how global warming and cultural development are interconnected. During this episode, we will hear inspiring stories from participants in the program who come from various regions in Asia. We will delve into how climate change influences culture from one generation to the next, how societies face new challenges, and how cultural diversity can be a valuable resource in addressing these significant changes in their respective countries



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