International Forum: Social Common Capital and the Future

Dear Friends and Colleagues of SSGS,

School of Strategic & Global Studies, Universitas Indonesia 🇮🇩 in collaboration with Kyoto University and Uzawa Kokusai Gakkan 🇯🇵 proudly presents, International Forum: Social Common Capital and the Future on Sunday, 25th of June 2023.
This forum is meant to facilitate the dissemination of Social Common Capital, an economic theory which provides solutions to the lacks of capitalism.
The theory is developed by the late Professor Hirofumi Uzawa.

Professor Uzawa has been one of the leading economic theorists for the past four decades. In recent decades, he has become particularly well known for applied research in the areas of the economics of pollution, environmental disruption, and global warming, the economics of education and medical care.

This international forum aspires to inspire the audience and the society with the Social Common Capital principles and thus drive them to make a change in the world they live in. The forum not only places value on the deepening of theory from academics, but also on its implementation from professionals.

Join us, in-person or via Zoom! 💻 12.30-17.00 (Jakarta GMT +7) & 14.30-19.00 (Tokyo GMT +9)

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We look forward to seeing you soon!



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