Research Day Series 2023 8th Series “The Glocal Village Project on Embodying Decoloniality”

Our journey to the village turns out to be part of a larger project to map the colonial and capitalist matrix of power, to critically question and reveal the interconnections of how it functions, to make it visible and to understand its evolution over time. Psychological empowerment in this context is the ability to negotiate one’s own subjectivity and to go beyond imposed boundaries. This presentation will describe the history and process of our collective action writing project called “The Glocal Village” with emphasis on how collective liberatory processes can be framed as a unique form of qualitative research. It will also outline a liberatory praxis we now call “compost-activism” that begins through examining and identifying the “symptoms” that are experienced living within the Colonial Matrix of Power (CMP/Octo).

Tiffeny R. Jimenez, Ph.D. (Associate Professor National Louis University, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A)

Dicky C. Pelupessy, Ph.D. (Member of Laboratorium Intervensi Sosial & Krisis and Vice Dean for Education, Research, and Student Affairs, Faculty of Psychology Universitas Indonesia)



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