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Fellow Strategists,

As we know, the caliphate is always becoming a hot talk among our citizens, not only Muslim societies in many countries, others as well. The political thought of Muslim societies is all too often defined in religious terms, in which the writings of clerics are seen as representative and ideas about governance are treated as an extension of commentary on sacred texts. Disenchanting the Caliphate offers a groundbreaking new account of political discourse in Islamic history by examining Abbasid imperial practice, illuminating the emergence and influence of a vibrant secular tradition.

Closely reading key eighth-century texts, Hayrettin Yücesoy argues that the ulema’s discourse of religious governance and the political thought of lay intellectuals diverged during this foundational period, with enduring consequences. The book is issued by Columbia University Press on August 2023. That is why we will hold a book talk with him on Wednesday, 10th of January 2024 at 1 pm GMT +7 (13.00 WIB) in Universitas Indonesia, Salemba Campus, Jakarta.

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