Public Lecture In the US Backyard: China’s impact on The Latin American Economy and Society

Fellow Strategists,

We’ve been influenced by trade war between the US and China a few years ago and it left such a strong mark in the world economics. It is not only North America, but Latin America as well influenced by the Trade war.

Hence, Chinese community also becomes the backbone of the regional economics and development as they migrated to America in order to find new opportunity. Such as making China Town and popularizing Chinese food among society, even though the producer and consumer are reaching many communities in America. Therefore, it is an interesting topic to know about how China’s impact on the Latin American economy and society which dig deeper to the factual reality in the field.

Come and join us in the public lecture on:
🗓 Wednesday, 24th of April 2024
🕔 17.00-18.30 WIB (GMT +7).

Register through link
to get the e-certificate and get the zoom link for instant access. You are all invited!❤️

Contact: J. Ramadhan +6282147196444 for more information



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